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Allegedly there have been some nude pictures of Kim Kardashian West leaked and we just want to state that we won’t be posting them or answering any questions about them. Just know whenever you’re reblogging or reposting those stolen photos, you’re invading someone elses’ privacy. We want to respect Kim and hope that you will join us in doing the same. Please don’t post the pictures or reblog them, anyone who does will be unfollowed and blocked. Thank You.

- kimkanyekimye

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my brother keeps asking me why jack prefers to sleep with me than him n idk how to tell him that he just wants to be with me more?

I mean I’m the one whose been taking care of him. I feed him, I comfort him, I discipline him, I give him his medication. I worked until midnight and when he wasn’t allowed in the house yet, I spent 2 hours outside with him fully knowing I would be exhausted for school. 

like yeah I get you like playing with him and super excited because you’ve been wanting a cat, but he’s imprinted on me. I just feel so guilty, like I’m taking something away from him :(

This is my haven’t had enough sleep/more dark circles than smudged eyeliner look

Im trying to sleep


Hocus Pocus (1993)

its almost tiiiiimmmeeee

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First panic attack of the school year

Im so exhausted. My body is so tired. The two days I get off from work I have school. I requested next Sunday and I’ll be in Orange County all day, no time for a break.
K and I are barely talking because now he’s in school. Are schedules are so off. Im being such an asshole to him for no reason. I want him to make me feel better without having to ask him to.
Painting usually relaxes me, I even have a class. I could barely concentrate I felt like my heart was going a mile a minute. Thursday I had a test in the morning, I was so strung out that it just continued through the day. Some guy behind me in my English class actually had to ask me to stop moving because I was distracting him. I can’t get my body to shut off or shut up. I want to sob really loudly but don’t have the energy.
Im so unhappy, but this is what I wanted.